A common question from many patients is “do you offer plastic surgery payment plans?”.

For patients with severe back pain from large breasts, or recurrent skin infections after weight loss, plastic surgery can be a profound and life changing experience. Unfortunately Medicare and health funds only subsidise a specific amount of the cost associated with these procedures, so payment plans are often considered as another viable option.

Below we discuss the ins and outs of payment plans for plastic surgery.

What payment options does Dr Colbert accept?

Dr Colbert accepts multiple payment methods, including cash, credit cards (e.g. Visa, Mastercard), buy now and pay later products (e.g. Medipay), and medical loans.

Does Dr Colbert accept payment plans?

Yes, Dr Colbert accepts payment plans. AHPRA guidelines allow medical practitioners to accept payment plans, but doesn’t allow them to recommend one finance company or payment plan over another. Many of these can be found through Google, with Dr Colbert having no affiliation with any particular company or product.

Does Dr Colbert accept payment installations?

Yes, Dr Colbert is happy to accept payment installations directly to the office, where the funds will be paid off towards the cost of the procedure. We offer this service because we appreciate that saving up on a regular basis can sometimes be difficult, and this is offered without any interest charged or any payment plan.

Where can I find out more?

Have any more questions about the cost of plastic surgery, or about payment plans for plastic surgery? Feel free to contact us, either by phone (08 6478 9920) or email (hello@davidcolbert.com.au). We are always more than happy to help!