Are you considering breast reduction surgery, and want to know how much it really costs?

Perth breast reduction patients trust Dr David Colbert to produce beautiful and natural looking breasts.

Through specialised techniques learnt from his international and national plastic surgery training, Dr Colbert not only reduces the size of your breast, but remodels your breast to achieve a more desirable and proportional breast shape.

As well as being upfront about his credentials and results, Dr Colbert believes in being upfront about all of the costs associated with plastic surgery, with the costs of common plastic surgery procedures listed on his website.

How much does a breast reduction in Perth cost? Is it covered by Medicare?

Do you have large breasts that cause you embarrassment, back or shoulder or neck pain, or difficulty exercising? Many women with these symptoms will benefit from breast reduction surgery, and want to know if Medicare will help pay for their procedure.

Will Medicare help pay for my breast reduction?

Yes – provided you meet the criteria. Breast reduction surgery is covered by Medicare (item number 45523) as long as you have significant symptoms related to the size of your breasts, such as pain in neck and shoulder region. This means that Medicare will provide a rebate (approximately $1300) that helps subsidise your final cost. Your health fund may further subsidise the final cost, with the exact amount depending on your health fund and level of cover. This information can be obtained by contacting your health fund and quoting the above item number.

What are the actual costs for breast reduction surgery?

Below are the approximate costs for breast reduction surgery (a more accurate quote can be provided after a consultation).

  • Surgical costs: Dr Colbert’s surgical fees start from $6000 for a bilateral breast reduction, and this cost includes the surgery, and all post-operative care and follow up. Please note that this cost will change depending on factors such as the amount of tissue that needs to be removed and the duration of the procedure, and a truly accurate estimate is only possible after a consultation. Dr Colbert will let you know if you’re likely to meet the criteria for your operation to be subsidised by Medicare and your private health fund, meaning that your final out of pocket gap is likely to be less than that exact amount quoted.

  • Anaesthetic costs: Dr Colbert performs breast reduction under a general anaesthetic, with anaesthesia provided by a Specialist Anaesthetist (ANZCA trained). While other surgeons may perform breast reduction under sedation, or using a doctor who isn’t trained in anaesthesia, Dr Colbert firmly believes that your safety is the number one priority. Anaesthetic costs are partly covered by Medicare and your private health fund, with an out of pocket gap sometimes payable, however this depends on your health fund and level of cover. A more accurate quote can be given by contacting the rooms and providing us with more information.

  • Hospital costs: Dr Colbert operates at only fully accredited hospitals such as Cambridge Day Surgery and the Mount Hospital. Hospital costs are usually covered by your private health fund, however this will depend on the level of cover that you have.

Does Dr Colbert offer payment plans for breast reduction surgery?

Yes, Dr Colbert offers a payment plan for breast reduction surgery. For patients booking surgery in next six months we are happy to accept regular payments by direct deposit. We find this is a good option for patients who want to pay for their procedure, but may difficulty saving on a regular basis.

Payment plans can also be obtained from financing companies. While it is illegal for Australian doctors to promote financial companies in advertising, many of these companies can be found on the internet by searching for generic terms such as “Australian surgical financing”.

Dr Colbert also accepts payment through companies such as Medipay, and Supercare. To find out more about these different options please contact our friendly office staff.

What experience does Dr Colbert have in breast reduction surgery?

Many Perth surgeons who perform breast reduction have no formal plastic surgery training, or plastic surgery qualifications.

Dr Colbert is an Australian trained Specialist Plastic Surgeon (MBBS FRACS Plastic Surgery), which means he has obtained the highest qualifications for Plastic Surgery in Australia.

Dr Colbert has also completed international and national fellowships in plastic surgery, including a Cosmetic Breast Fellowship in Melbourne.

Through this experience Dr Colbert has learnt specialised techniques to not only reduce the size of your breast, but reshape it into a more proportional and aesthetic shape.

Have you got any more questions? 

While breast reduction surgery can appear daunting, the commonest phrase patients say afterwards is “I wish I had done this sooner!”

If you want to find out more about how a breast reduction by Dr Colbert can help you, then the breast reduction page is a great place to start.

If you have any more questions, or want to arrange a consultation with Dr Colbert, then please don’t hesitate to contact the office.

Have a great day!